COPRISA-AGROEXPORT  is a company from Guatemala that has been producing and exporting Snow Pea, Sugar Snap, French Beans, Black Beans and Red beans to the USA, Canada and Europe markets, for over 15 years

All our vegetables are produced and packed under international standards and are BPA and BPM certified annually by the certifying company “PRIMUSLAB”, who periodically audits production fields and packaging plants.  (View Certificates)

Our vegetables are packed in boxes of 5 and 10 pounds for USA and 1.5 kilos for Europe, and our beans are packed in bags of 50 pounds, 100 pounds and 1000 kilos. All our products are packed with the highest standards of quality and safety, we are located in the department of Chimaltenango which is one of the largest areas of vegetable production in Guatemala, our products are highly recognized in the international markets for its high quality, safety, good packaging and excellent presentation.

We also have distribution and logistics offices in Miami, where we coordinate all our sea and air shipments to the United States, Canada and Europe.

That’s why today our company COPRISA-AGROEXPORT, becomes the company that exports the best of Guatemala.